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Arda Çetin
IT Consultant, Digital Project Manager

Arda Çetin was born in Istanbul, 1985.  In his high school years, his interest on computer had led him to join Turkish Linux Users Association (LKD) and Internet Technologies Association (INETD). He took an active role in this associations.
He was among the founders of the LKD Stand Team. He took place in the developer team of Pardus Linux project developed by TÜBİTAK UEKAE in between 2005-2008.
Arda Çetin had worked at part time jobs and at different positions until graduation, then he started his professional career at one of the biggest hosting and data center in Turkey, SadeceHosting. Since 2008 he has been working at Beykoz University. Furthermore, he has been serving as a consultant on digital strategies, educational technologies and project management to corporate companies. Alongside the institutional mission during his professional career, Arda Çetin is making speeches on GNU / Linux, free software and e-learning fields at conferences and events at dozens of universities and in civil society organizations.

He is a member of Turkish Linux Users Association and Pirate Party Movement of Turkey.

He is a board member of the Common Knowledge and Communication Association, a member of the Pirate Party Movement and Turkey Linux Users Association.

In addition, he is sharing his opinions and thoughts on internet activism, education, technology and project management at various magazines and the Internet press.
For your speech and counseling requests on e-learning and educational technologies, you can reach him via his personal e-mail address; [email protected]

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E-Mail: [email protected]
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Twitter: @ardacetin
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