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Arda Çetin was born in 1985 in Istanbul.

He is a graduate of Sakarya University. Çetin has been in the civil society sector since 2004. Until 2015, he actively took part in the activities of the Linux Users Association (LKD) and the Internet Technologies Association (INETD). The spread of the Internet in Turkey, computer literacy, Linux, open source and free software worked on. He was among the founders of the LKD Stand Working Group. He carried out studies on internet censorship and freedom of information with the motto “Another internet is possible”.

Arda Çetin took part in the volunteer developer team of the Pardus Linux operating system project developed by TÜBİTAK UEKAE between 2005 and 2008.

He worked at “SadeceHosting” in 2004 in one of Turkey’s largest data center companies. He has been working as a Digital Project Manager at Beykoz University since 2008. He has been a founding member of the Common Knowledge and Communication Association since 2017. He took part in the NewsLabTurkey project, which aims to provide training on journalism practices. He was the editor of the “DijitalGü” (Digital Security) project.

Arda Çetin has been a speaker at nearly 100 events so far. He wrote articles on many press platforms. He received the training of “civil society mentoring” given by Istanbul Bilgi University Civil Society Studies Center. He is a graduate of Bosphorus European School of Politics Winter 2019. He is one of the experts of the Etkiniz EU Programme.

Arda Çetin gives speeches and services to universities and non-governmental organizations about digital cultures, new media and online education.

You can contact him for digital project consultancy, training requests and exchange of ideas; [email protected]